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Google for Education

What is Google for Education?

G Suite for Education runs on an Internet domain operated by Clay County District Schools and is intended for educational use. Your student’s teachers will be using Google Apps for lessons, assignments, and communication.  All teachers and students in grades have Google accounts that are managed by Clay County District Schools allowing students to create, collaborate, and store their work.

The following primary services are available and hosted by Google as part of the Clay County District Schools' online presence in G Suite for Education. Student Apps include, but are not limited to:

When can G Suite for Education be used?

G Suite for Education is entirely online and available at school, home, the library, or anywhere with Internet access-24/7. School staff will monitor student use of Apps when students are at school. Parents are responsible for monitoring their child’s use of Apps when accessing programs from outside the school. Students are responsible for their own behavior at all times.  

Students can collaboratively create, edit, and share files for school-related projects and communicate via email with other students and teachers sharing the same email address ( As part of our digital learning initiative, there will be a more focused emphasis on teaching information literacy skills and digital citizenship principles as a student will have more opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills they are learning to the digital environment. Examples of student use include showcasing class projects, building an electronic portfolio of school learning experiences, and working in small collaborative groups on presentations to share with others.

Is it safe for students to use G Suite for Education?

Student safety is our highest priority. All students Google accounts are within our Clay “Secured Environment” which means students can only send and receive emails from individuals who have a CCDS Google account ( This account will be considered the student's official CCDS email address for this school year.

Acceptable Use (Privacy and Safety)

G Suite for Education is primarily for educational use. Students may use Apps for personal use subject to the restrictions below and additional school rules and policies that may apply.

Advertising is turned off in G Suite for Education and no personal student information is collected for commercial purposes.  

CCDS Student Responsible Use Guidelines (also outlined in the Student Code of Conduct) apply to G Suite for Education accounts.

As a parent/guardian of a child under 18 in Clay County District Schools you have full rights and privileges to view your child’s account. To view, login to your child’s account using their Username and Password.

What if I do not want my child to have a G Suite for Education Account?

If you choose not to allow your child to participate in G Suite for Education, please download, print, sign, and return the G Suite Opt-Out form